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“Help! I’m about to start a job as the only UX designer at my company, what do I do first?” By Jess Nelson

As a co-organizer of Nashville UX I get asked this question a good bit by junior to mid level designers who are about to start a job as the sole person doing UX in their company. This is also exactly where my brain was the night before I started at StudioNow. If you’re about to start on a larger design team, keep reading, this is relevant to you as well!

I had left my comfortable job at a large tech/insurance company where I was a cog in the big wheel of corporate design. The biggest projects I had worked on took months to see the light of day...

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Sharing is caring (when it comes to salary data) BY Justin Threlkeld

Salaries come up a lot in the Nashville UX Slack. We get a lot of people new to the field and new to the area. It’s an important question: “how much should I reasonably expect to be making?” In one of the most recent bouts of this conversation, it was suggested that we put together a salary survey. What a great idea!

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March 29 Nashville UX recap ByJess Nelson

March 29 we had Dan Tulloh, Director of UX at Asurion come speak to us about “The Unintended Consequences of the Rise of UX.” 
Dan went to school for graphic design in Richmond, VA. In school everyone talked about what companies they wanted work for post-graduation. Everyone talked about working for advertising agencies and hip brands. 
The company that makes Marlboro, Philip Morris has a large presence there. 

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